Behaviour and Training Referral Service


Donaldson’s Veterinary Practice offers a referral service in small animal behavioural advice

and training. Our Team can offer a full diagnostic service in the treatment and management

of behaviour and training problems.

We base all our treatments on the most recent research in behaviour medicine, using only

positive reward based methods.

All cases must be referred by a Veterinary Surgeon and we will required the full medical

history of the pet.




Wendy J Taylor DipAVN(Surgical)DipAVN(Medical)RVN

Wendy has over 25 years’ experience working with dogs and cats in the Veterinary and behavioural

field. She holds amongst other certificates the BVNA Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour.

She has been treasurer of the British Veterinary Behaviour Association for the last 7 years and is

involved in organising behaviour talks for other professionals involved in this field of work. She also

gives lectures herself to veterinary staff, university students and the public. She has published

articles in the Veterinary Press.

She is a Clinical coach in the practice and trains the students. She regularly attends Behaviour

seminars to keep up to date with the latest theories and research. She is currently expanding her

qualifications by studying for the post graduate Nursing Certificate in Animal Behaviour and the

Kennel Club Accreditation scheme in Dog Training and Behaviour.

Wendy has always had a keen interest in behaviour and training. She started off working with young

horses, then moved into the canine field having competed in obedience competitions with her own





Referring Vets and owners please phone the main Maple Street surgery on 01484 421512 for a call back from Faye or Wendy.

The appointment will last for 2 hours. When you speak to Wendy or Faye they will let you

know which family members should attend, this may include other family dogs. Please fetch

a list of anything, no matter how small, that you find a problem.

We will take a full history then work through the problems, focusing our treatment on a

behaviour modification plan. We may refer some cases back to your Veterinary Surgeon for

a clinical work up.

There is no “quick fix” to most behaviour problems. They require commitment and hard

work from all involved with the patient.

After the consultation you will receive a full report and plan of action. We will the keep in

touch by phone or email until you no longer require our support.



The appointment will last for 30 minutes. Some Behaviour problems will require follow up

training appointments.

We also offer this service to new pet owners to get them started with their new pet.

This service is used for common problems such as:

  • Getting the basics right (SIT, DOWN, RECALL, STAY)
  • Jumping up
  • Over excitement
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Recall problems
  • Fear of the Vets
  • Fear of Fireworks
  • Initial assessment to see if a full Behaviour Consultation is required.